Sunjoy gold pillar Barberry. It is deer resistant, And riches up to 4 feet. Must be able to pick up in Maple Valley $25
Jelly Belly snow cone maker, syrup, cups and straws. Used for a party and been sitting since. The syrup doesn t expire until November 2019. Porch pick up please!
Brand new!! Crate and Barrel Ice POP Molds. I received this as a gift and we won t use them. I have never opened the box. Porch pick up.
Soda Stream and extra full (second) Co2 canister. Great condition, we just don t use it. Porch pick up.
Healthy and happy and needs a home. And it also has a couple blooms. Ppu maple valley.


Vacuum, bought off amazon for our basement, but then bought a Roomba. We have animals, so this has vacuumed up their hair, in case you have allergies. Works. Cross posted. Thank you!
I believe they are going to be orange color, sorry I have red too so sometimes I mix them up. In 2 gal pots, PPU in MV $6 each
Smells like oranges but taste just like regular mint. $1 each, 5 available, PPU in MV
Blender Glass Pitcher (lightly used) Food processor attachment (new) Milkshake maker attachment (new)